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Dental Bridge vs. Partial Dentures: Which Should I Choose?


When tooth loss occurs, gaps in your smile can not only hurt your confidence, but impair your ability to chew and speak normally. Our Denver practice offers a number of teeth replacement options that can restore a full smile with natural-looking and functional oral appliances. Two common treatment options are a dental bridge or partial dentures. Depending on your situation, you may be considering both options. Below, learn more about bridges and partials, and which one that will fit your mouth and lifestyle the best. Looking for restorative dentistry services in Denver, CO? Metropolitan Dental Care, located in the heart of [...]

Dental Bridge vs. Partial Dentures: Which Should I Choose?2019-01-11T15:40:20+00:00

The History of Modern Porcelain Veneers


For a beautiful, symmetrical smile, porcelain veneers are considered one of the most dramatic cosmetic dental treatments you can receive. You may have heard about porcelain veneers, or may even be considering treatment, but do you know how these ceramic coverings first came to be? We’re taking a look back at the history of our modern porcelain veneers to understand how and why they’ve become such a popular treatment method today. If you’re interested in porcelain veneers, reach out to our Lone Tree, CO practice! Our team at Metropolitan Dental Care has experience with numerous cosmetic procedures, and can offer porcelain [...]

The History of Modern Porcelain Veneers2019-01-10T11:41:49+00:00

Could Bruxism Be the Cause of Your Headaches?


Drifting off to sleep can be hard when you have tomorrow’s to-do list running through your head. We’ve all been there, but for many people, it’s a nightly occurrence. When stress, worry, and anxiety from the day spill over into your sleep cycle, teeth grinding and clenching (or the clinical term, bruxism) can contribute to headache pain or even migraines. If you have symptoms of teeth grinding or clenching, and are looking for relief, our Denver, CO, practice can help. At Metropolitan Dental Care, we offer night guards and other dental appliances that protect the strength of your teeth, support a [...]

Could Bruxism Be the Cause of Your Headaches?2019-01-10T11:37:11+00:00

When to Consider a Deep Dental Cleaning


It’s the new year, and that means people are cleaning their homes, organizing their closets, and starting healthy eating and fitness routines; whether you have resolutions or not, it’s the best time for a refresh! Near the first of the year, many patients may schedule a cleaning and regular examination. But for some patients who may be facing more advanced periodontal disease, or who may have missed several previous dental cleanings, a deep dental cleaning could be the best treatment. Deep dental cleanings aren’t just longer cleanings; they are a special procedure that can remove deep plaque and tartar buildup and [...]

When to Consider a Deep Dental Cleaning2019-01-10T11:33:41+00:00

Immediate Steps for a Broken Tooth


It can happen when you least expect it; maybe you experienced an accident or injury, or have bitten down on a bone or nut shell fragment. Or maybe you’ve lost a filling, exposing a large area of your inner tooth. However it occurs, a broken tooth usually happens at the least opportune moments. Preparing for what to do when it happens can protect the integrity of your teeth. If you have just broken a tooth and need emergency dental restoration, call our Denver, CO office immediately at 303.534.2626. Swift treatment for a broken tooth is needed to prevent infection and inflammation [...]

Immediate Steps for a Broken Tooth2019-01-10T11:28:11+00:00