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“What are Those Things?”: Exploring Common Instruments in a Dental Office


You’ve been to the dentist tons of times, but you’ve never asked about those strange instruments your doctor uses to examine your teeth. Today, your general dentist in Lone Tree will satiate your curiosity and explore some of the most common tools used in a dental office. At Metropolitan Dental Care, we value patient education. In fact, our team believes the more you understand about the procedures we perform here, the more confident and relaxed you will be when undergoing your treatment. So, kick back, get comfortable, and read on to learn about the wild and wonderful world of dentistry! Mouth [...]

“What are Those Things?”: Exploring Common Instruments in a Dental Office2018-04-10T11:43:49-06:00

7 Common Brushing Mistakes to Review with Your General Dentist


How would you rate your tooth brushing skills? Do you brush your teeth at least twice a day? Do you change out your toothbrush as recommended? Even though tooth brushing is part of our daily routine, turns out, many individuals have subpar techniques according to the American Dental Association. Over time, this can lead to ineffective results, or worse yet, irritated gums and damaged tooth enamel. When visiting a general dentist, he or she can identify areas of your mouth that you aren’t thoroughly cleaning and offer solutions to improve your oral hygiene regimen. At Metropolitan Dental Care, our team is [...]

7 Common Brushing Mistakes to Review with Your General Dentist2017-12-02T20:30:30-06:00

5 Factors to Consider When Selecting a General Dentist


Whether your current general dentist retires or you move to a new area, the search for a new dentist must begin. Starting over may seem overwhelming at first, but with so many great research tools at your fingertips, searching for what you need has never been easier. When searching for your next general dentist there are a few important factors to consider so you achieve great care and satisfying results. Following the below five tips can help you feel confident about your choice. What Are Others Saying? For years Google, Bing, and Yelp have helped us locate great restaurants and excellent [...]

5 Factors to Consider When Selecting a General Dentist2017-09-15T16:00:49-06:00

Best Tips for Healthy Young Smiles, Tot to Teen


Whether you are a new parent or already have a large family—knowing the best ways to keep your children’s smiles healthy and bright can be confusing. We’ve put together some of our favorite oral hygiene tips to help you navigate each stage of childhood. Establishing good habits at a young age is crucial to a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums. Give your child every advantage in preventing tooth decay by making brushing and flossing a fun part of the daily routine. Infants and Toddlers Begin oral hygiene from the first tooth. Clean tiny teeth and gums with sterile gauze or [...]

Best Tips for Healthy Young Smiles, Tot to Teen2017-08-18T18:02:37-06:00

The Specialties of a General Dentist


If you think a general dentist only does fillings and exams, it may surprise you to learn all the things a “general dentist” can do. At Metropolitan Dental Care we have a strong team of Denver, CO general dentists who can do some pretty amazing things. The technological and technical advances in modern dentistry allow us to do things you may have not even realized were possible. For example, a general dentist can: Find and treat cavities before they happen Replace a whole tooth with a dental implant Correct virtually any flaws in the appearance of your teeth Fix your headaches [...]

The Specialties of a General Dentist2017-07-18T20:32:53-06:00