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A Smile Makeover to Fit Your Busy Schedule


You have healthy teeth and gums. You attend all of your scheduled dental visits. But you may still be unhappy about certain aesthetic elements of your smile. Discoloration, chips, misalignment, and other things can detract from the beauty of your appearance and compromise your confidence. A smile makeover combines two or more cosmetic dental treatments to deliver an astounding and dramatic improvement in your overall look. If you are thinking about a smile makeover in Lone Tree or Denver, look no further than Metropolitan Dental Care! With years of experience, our doctors are skilled and knowledgeable in the field of cosmetic [...]

A Smile Makeover to Fit Your Busy Schedule2018-02-06T09:45:15+00:00

You Should Ask Santa for a Brand-New Smile!


The holiday season is upon us. The temperature is dropping, the snow is falling, and the lights are twinkling … it just feels magical. As you glance at your list of gifts to buy, you start to wonder what you want to ask Santa for this year. It almost feels silly to think that way – but you need an answer for inquisitive loved ones who’ll want to know, so you can avoid a repeat of the “Ugly Sweater Debacle of 2006.” How about something different this year? An investment in your smile? It’s something you’ve wanted for a long time, [...]

You Should Ask Santa for a Brand-New Smile!2017-12-02T20:31:05+00:00

Is Tooth Shame Holding You Back?


Our Rx: Smile Makeover Do your selfies always feature a closed-mouth smile? Do you instinctively cover your mouth whenever you laugh? If you aren’t 100 percent happy with your smile, your confidence and happiness may be suffering as a result. For a lot of patients, excellent oral health doesn’t always mean a flawless smile. There are several things that might make you feel embarrassed by your teeth: Dark stains Yellowed teeth Irregular tooth size or shape Crowded looking teeth Gaps A gummy-looking smile If you find yourself hesitating to smile freely among friends and strangers, alike, you probably would love the opportunity to [...]

Is Tooth Shame Holding You Back?2017-09-06T16:27:31+00:00

How a Cosmetic Dentist Can Help You Smile Confidently Again


It’s common knowledge that healthy teeth don’t always look as beautiful as we would like them to. Your smile may be free from decay and gum disease, yet still make you cringe when you see it in photographs. If your teeth are healthy and strong, but don’t look as white and pretty as they once did—we would love to give you a makeover to help you smile boldly again. How a Cosmetic Dentist Sees Your Teeth As dentists, we at Metropolitan Dental Care love to see healthy smiles and happy patients. If your appearance and self-esteem are negatively impacted by tooth [...]

How a Cosmetic Dentist Can Help You Smile Confidently Again2017-08-24T08:09:02+00:00

Smile Makeover with a Skilled Denver Cosmetic Dentist


If you’ve ever felt the urge to cover your smile out of embarrassment, you know that aesthetic flaws can negatively affect your confidence and self-image. Your teeth may be perfectly healthy, but even the healthiest of teeth don’t always look the way we want them to. If you have ever wished you could change an aspect of your smile, a cosmetic dentistry makeover may help boost your confidence and improve your ability to connect with others. Studies have even proven that the act of smiling alone can improve your mood and overall outlook on life. When you know your smile looks great, you’ll [...]

Smile Makeover with a Skilled Denver Cosmetic Dentist2017-07-27T02:30:13+00:00