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Periodontal Disease: Are You at Risk?


Periodontal disease sounds strange, but you probably recognize the name of its first stage: gingivitis. Periodontal disease is the medical term for inflammation and infection of the supportive tissues that surround the teeth. The word “periodontal” says it all: the term comes from two Greek words: “peri” which means surrounding, and “odontos” which means teeth. If you suffer from gingivitis, bleeding gums, bad breath, loose teeth, or gum recession, it’s important to visit our Lone Tree, CO practice now. The health of your gums is critical to your oral health and your overall well-being. At Metro Dental Care, our team of [...]

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When is a gum graft necessary?


Gums don’t receive nearly as much credit as they deserve; when you think about it, they protect and hold your teeth in place during a lifetime of chewing, laughing, and talking. While our Denver, CO, dentists restore and protect your teeth from decay or damage, they also help to ensure your gums are well-cared for and healthy. Our team at Metro Dental Care helps patients who may be experiencing gum recession by providing gum graft treatment. If you would like to schedule a consultation regarding the health of your gums, give us a call at 303.534.2626. Receding Gums Gum grafts are [...]

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Avoiding Tooth Pain During Pregnancy


As an expecting mother, oral health may not be high on your health radar. It’s true that during a pregnancy, you are often focused on other aspects of you and your baby’s health and well-being. However, paying close attention to your oral health during your pregnancy is important. Hormone shifts that naturally occur during your pregnancy can increase your teeth and gums’ susceptibility to infection or decay. Keeping a close eye on your changing oral health can prevent tooth pain, gingivitis, or other health problems for you and your child. If you have recently become pregnant or are experiencing tooth pain [...]

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3 Surprising Toothache Sources


The pain of a toothache alerts you that something is not as it should be. Usually, when patients experience a toothache, a cavity, fractured tooth, or other dental issue is to blame. However, occasionally toothaches can occur from non-dental physical conditions; when you think about it, it’s not surprising: your teeth sometimes react to nearby inflammation or pain because they are so closely connected to your jaw and surrounding facial structures. Below, find common toothache sources that are created from inflammation or issues outside of the mouth. Just remember – it’s always a good idea to have tooth pain checked out, [...]

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When an Athletic Injury Turns Into a Dental Emergency


Athletics are a great way to stay healthy and have fun while getting important cardiovascular exercise. Whether it’s a pick-up soccer game, competitive swimming, or rock climbing and hiking in the great outdoors, sports and fitness are rewarding hobbies. Unfortunately, however, dentists know all too well that athletes can endure dental trauma in higher numbers. Research estimates that up to 39% of dental injuries occur during athletic events such as solo or team sporting activities. Being prepared for dental emergencies not only benefits you, but others around you who may need help after an accident. Identifying when critical care is needed, [...]

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