• Gum Surgery with Metro Dental Care

    Gum surgery is required when gum disease requires tissue to be removed.

Gum Surgery

If your dentist at Metropolitan Dental Care has mentioned the need for gum surgery, this means that more than likely you will need to see the periodontist. A periodontist focuses their practice around the treatment of gum disease.

Gum Surgery & Gum Disease

Although there are many different types of gum surgery, the most common procedure is the gingival flap. Before the surgery starts you will receive a local anesthetic which will numb the area around the treatment area and clean your teeth.

During the procedure, the gum tissue is pulled by by cutting just enough to reveal the actual roots of the tooth/teeth that are being worked on. By doing this the periodontist can access and remove the bacteria. The bone is re-shaped and then the gum tissue is sewn back into place. This usually takes place after scaling and root planing. These procedures together will result in a tighter pocket that the patient can keep clean on their own. Once the procedure is complete, the gingiva will be able to heal to a more optimal condition.

For most there will be minimal to moderate pain after the procedure is completed. Over-the-counter pain relief medication should help reduce any pain caused by the operation. Gum surgery is a common procedure and after care is pretty simple. Once the gums are completely healed you will benefit not only from healthier and happier gums, but a nicer looking smile as well!