What to Expect Before, During, and After Teeth Cleaning

Keeping your mouth clean through daily brushing and flossing is necessary to maintain a healthy smile and overall good health. Still, it’s crucial to undergo professional teeth cleaning at your local dentist’s office to keep plaque, periodontal disease, and tooth decay at bay. Generally, people should schedule this straightforward, preventive procedure at least twice a year. The Metropolitan Dental Care team of Denver put together this guide to explain what happens at every stage of routine teeth cleaning appointments so that you can understand and obtain a higher level of cleanliness that is impossible to achieve at home. Before Teeth Cleaning: [...]

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Botox®: A Proven Treatment for TMJ Pain and Migraines

Most people are familiar with botulinum toxin to get rid of wrinkles or plump up lips. But recent studies have shown that botulinum toxin's muscle-relaxing properties show promise in stopping jaw clenching and teeth grinding for some time. Like any overactive muscle in the body, the masseter muscle can increase in size over time, leading to a more bulky appearance. When you inject botox into this muscle to relieve the symptoms of teeth grinding, it will also help slim the jawline. The good news is that Dr. Maureen Roach, at Metropolitan Dental Care in downtown Denver, is now certified to administer [...]

Botox®: A Proven Treatment for TMJ Pain and Migraines2022-05-11T12:20:52-06:00

How to Keep Your Smile Straight After Invisalign®

Congratulations! If you’re reading this, you might have successfully completed a full round of Invisalign and might wonder what’s next. While Invisalign aims to gently shift your smile into the desired alignment, a retainer can help keep it there. If you pick up the May 2022 edition of 5280, Denver’s Mile High Magazine, you may notice that our Metropolitan Dental Care dentists have been recognized among Denver’s Top Dentists based on their: Experience Continuing education Manner with patients Application of new techniques and technologies Physical results When it comes to prescribing clear aligner therapy, our knowledgeable and dedicated dentists guide patients [...]

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Dental Implants: Are they worth the investment?

Most dentists prefer saving as many teeth as possible. But sometimes, it’s better to remove them. When this happens, it’s generally to reinstate your oral health via restorative dentistry methods—including dental implants. At Metropolitan Dental Care, our board-certified periodontist, Dr. Mike Norouzinia, anchors implants in the jaw to create a more full, healthy, and natural-looking smile. Schedule a consultation for dental implants at our Denver office today. While there is more than one way to replace a tooth, dental implants are superior for many reasons: Preserve Bone Density Are the bones in your jaw not as strong as they once were? [...]

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Is teeth whitening safe? Denver Dentists Answer this Question and More

Even if we all wish that we wouldn’t develop stains on our teeth in the first place, it’s an inherent consequence of life. Our daily diet, habits, and hygiene can contribute to discoloration. So, it’s natural to want to find a teeth whitening solution that is both reliable and effective. Our Metropolitan Dental Care cosmetic dentists provide whitening and other services to patients so that you can have a smile that lights up the room. Learn more about your personalized teeth brightening options by contacting our Denver office today. Some teeth whitening strategies are safe and are capable of lightening your [...]

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