Top 3 Questions About Dental Crowns

Over time, your teeth suffer a lot of wear and tear. Protecting and restoring your teeth is a practical way to make sure they stay strong and healthy for the rest of your life. Dental crowns are a proven solution to a variety of different dental complications. The team at Metropolitan Dental Care is here to make sure you are aware and informed about the dental solutions available to you. Schedule a consultation with one of our knowledgeable doctors to see if a dental crown can restore your smile. What is a dental crown? Tooth decay, injury, and the passage of [...]

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Looking for a Denver dentist? Here’s what to consider.

Finding an excellent Denver dentist for you and your family can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. But, at Metropolitan Dental Care, we make it easy. Our dedicated dental professionals offer patients of all ages and backgrounds contemporary services that support and enhance their oral and systemic health. Meet our compassionate team today by requesting an appointment online or calling our Denver, CO, office at 303-534-2626. Here, our team will give you four factors to consider when searching for a qualified Denver dentist. In turn, you’ll see why Metropolitan Dental Care is the perfect choice for you and [...]

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How to Reduce the Risk of Complications After Gum Surgery

Are you considering gum surgery? Oral health professionals may recommend gum surgery if you: Have a receding gum line or exposed tooth roots Excessive or uneven gums Need to stop periodontal (gum) disease in its tracks Mend a decayed or broken tooth beneath the gumline The Metropolitan Dental Care team proudly offers gum surgery to manage oral conditions and provide superior smile aesthetics. Speak with one of our Denver dentists to learn more about your options. After gum surgery, here are four ways to minimize the chance of complications. 1. Manage Swelling, Discomfort, and Bleeding Wisely After any type of surgery, [...]

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Is it TMD? TMJ Dentist in Denver Explains 5 Surprising Side Effects

Open your mouth. Then, gently move it from side to side. The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is located on both sides of the face, just below the ears. This complex hinged joint connects the lower jawbone to the skull. The TMJ is responsible for jaw movements that help people eat, speak, and smile. Unfortunately, an overworked or misplaced TMJ can result in significant health issues. This condition is widely known as temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD). Because every case is unique, our Metro Dental Care team can: Identify the root source of your TMD. Find practical methods to give patients relief. Speak with [...]

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Four Ways A Cosmetic Dentist Can Upgrade Your Smile Quickly

Do you have a major social event around the corner? If so, you may want an effective way to dramatically enhance the appearance of your smile in virtually no time. Our Metropolitan Dental Care cosmetic dentists offer various treatments to improve the look of your smile just in time for a wedding, job interview, or another once-in-a-lifetime moment where you want to look your best. Book a consultation for cosmetic dentistry in Denver before it’s too late. Teeth Whitening Do you want to be perceived as more attractive, confident, or trustworthy? Then, try whitening your teeth. Surprisingly, some studies suggest that [...]

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