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Home Remedies for Gum Disease: Do They Work?


Gum disease is a leading cause of tooth loss among Americans. Nearly half of the adults living in the United States have suffered from some form of this condition. Left untreated, gum disease can lead to mobility, shifting, and even tooth loss. Online, you’ll find lots of home remedies that claim to address gum disease. But do these treatments actually work? Today, our Denver dental team at Metropolitan Dental Care explores this topic. If you have bleeding, tender, swollen gum tissue, periodontal disease could be to blame. To learn more, contact Metropolitan Dental Care at 303-534-2626. Do Home Remedies Actually Work? [...]

Home Remedies for Gum Disease: Do They Work?2019-07-12T04:42:20-06:00

Types of Tooth Pain: What is Your Body Telling You?


Dental discomfort can keep you from enjoying everyday life. But there are different types of tooth pain, and your symptoms can indicate the presence of a specific problem. Today, our Denver dental team explores the most common types of tooth pain and explains how to address each one. Are you currently experiencing dental pain? If so, call our Denver office now at 303-534-2626. Brief Sensitivity to Heat or Cold If the tooth pain is only temporary, it’s likely there is no significant problem. Some individuals are more prone to sensitivity, especially if they have thin enamel. This symptom can often be [...]

Types of Tooth Pain: What is Your Body Telling You?2019-07-12T04:38:18-06:00

7 Benefits of White Fillings


White fillings are becoming more and more common. In fact, at Metropolitan Dental Care, we recommend them over silver amalgam fillings due to their numerous advantages. Here, our Denver dental team explores six benefits of composite fillings so patients can be well-informed about this treatment option. Want to learn more? Contact our Denver practice today by calling 303-534-2626. #1: White fillings are less invasive. To place amalgam fillings, significant tooth structure must be removed. As a result, the overall integrity of the tooth can be compromised. Conversely, white fillings do not require as much alteration. Therefore, more natural tooth structure can [...]

7 Benefits of White Fillings2019-07-12T04:34:34-06:00

Home Remedies for a Toothache


Toothaches can appear suddenly or develop slowly over time. If you’re experiencing dental discomfort, it’s important to visit your Denver dentist right away. A toothache usually indicates there is something wrong – and addressing the problem sooner rather than later can prevent damage from progressing. However, there are a few toothache home remedies that can be helpful until you make it to our office. Today, our team at Metropolitan Dental Care explores a few of these. Do you have a toothache? Contact our Denver practice right away by calling 303-534-2626. Salt Water Rinse One of the most effective home treatments for [...]

Home Remedies for a Toothache2019-07-12T04:28:10-06:00

Porcelain Crown Aftercare


You’ve just received a beautiful new porcelain crown. It matches your other teeth perfectly, and your smile is flawless. Now, you need to protect your investment (and your smile) with proper care and maintenance. Here, our Denver team at Metropolitan Dental Care explores the life expectancy of a porcelain crown and explains how to best maintain your new restoration. Think you may need a crown? Schedule a consultation at our Denver or Lone Tree practice. Call us today at 303-534-2626. How long will my dental crown last? On average, dental crowns are designed to last between five and 15 years. However, [...]

Porcelain Crown Aftercare2019-06-13T08:38:36-06:00