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Flossing vs Waterpiks: What You Should Know


Cleaning between the teeth is essential for healthy teeth and gums. In fact, it is just as important as brushing. There are several different methods available for achieving this goal, including floss, interproximal brushes, dental picks, and Waterpiks. Today, our team at Metropolitan Dental Care discusses the key differences between traditional floss and Waterpiks. When you attend a dental visit in Lone Tree, we can help you determine which technique will be most beneficial for your oral health needs. What is a Waterpik? A Waterpik – or a water flosser – is a device that emits a thin, strong, stream of [...]

Flossing vs Waterpiks: What You Should Know2018-07-15T09:05:14-06:00

7 Common Brushing Mistakes to Review with Your General Dentist


How would you rate your tooth brushing skills? Do you brush your teeth at least twice a day? Do you change out your toothbrush as recommended? Even though tooth brushing is part of our daily routine, turns out, many individuals have subpar techniques according to the American Dental Association. Over time, this can lead to ineffective results, or worse yet, irritated gums and damaged tooth enamel. When visiting a general dentist, he or she can identify areas of your mouth that you aren’t thoroughly cleaning and offer solutions to improve your oral hygiene regimen. At Metropolitan Dental Care, our team is [...]

7 Common Brushing Mistakes to Review with Your General Dentist2017-12-02T20:30:30-06:00