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6 Benefits of Regular Dental Visits


When was your last dental visit? If it’s been a while, you’re not alone. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, only 64.4 percent of American adults aged 18 to 64 attended the dentist last year.[1] Life is busy. But making time for your oral health needs can keep your teeth and gums healthy for many years to come. Our team at Metropolitan Dental Care discusses 6 benefits of regular dental visits. #1: Early Detection of Dental Issues Many dental issues are much more manageable when detected early. For example, a cavity can be treated more conservatively during the [...]

6 Benefits of Regular Dental Visits2018-12-14T06:25:34-06:00

Tips for Keeping Your Smile Healthy between Visits


Professional dental care is absolutely essential for optimal oral health. But how you care for your teeth between visits is just as important. Without a proper at-home regimen, oral bacteria would wreak havoc on your smile, leading to problems such tooth decay, gum disease, and other issues. If you have recently undergone a dental cleaning in Lone Tree, our team at Metropolitan Dental Care can offer tips and tricks on how to keep your pearly whites looking great until your next hygiene appointment. Practice Excellent Oral Hygiene This should be obvious, but sometimes the demands of life keep us from observing [...]

Tips for Keeping Your Smile Healthy between Visits2018-06-21T06:34:41-06:00

Is Gum Disease Reversible?


With all of the recent research emerging about the correlation between gum disease and heart disease, more and more people are aware of the long-term dangers. We know there are ways to treat periodontal disease, but is it truly reversible? Or is it something you will have to live with for the rest of your life? If you have gum disease in the Lone Tree or Denver areas, our doctors at Metropolitan Dental Care can teach you how to achieve and maintain healthy teeth and gums. Early Diagnosis is Key Is gum disease reversible? The short answer is: it depends. Gingivitis [...]

Is Gum Disease Reversible?2018-01-22T06:37:12-06:00

Finding the Right Family Dentist


A family dentist can certainly save you lots of time. After all, it’s incredibly convenient to select a provider who can serve the needs of adults and children alike. But finding just the right family dentist in Lone Tree or Denver can be challenging. Of course, you want to select someone with loads of experience and skill, yet someone who is friendly and personable as well. Our staff at Metropolitan Dental Care is here to offer some tips and guidance for you. Good Vibes It may sound silly, but most of the time, you will have a feel for a new [...]

Finding the Right Family Dentist2018-01-22T06:31:22-06:00

Carbonated Drinks and Acid Erosion


People are becoming more and more health-conscious. Now more than ever before, we are keenly aware of the things we consume. Those who are eliminating sugar from their diets have found a new obsession in carbonated water drinks, such as LaCroix. This best-selling sparkling beverage is calorie free, fizzy, and fruity. It is certainly friendlier to your waistline, but what about your teeth? These soda alternatives can actually cause significant damage to your enamel, leading to erosion. Your Lone Tree dentist at Metropolitan Dental Care can offer some tips and tricks for avoiding tooth erosion for a healthier smile. It’s Sugar-free. [...]

Carbonated Drinks and Acid Erosion2018-01-22T05:58:34-06:00