As an aspiring dentist, I have received mixed responses when I explain to others the career path I have chosen.  Most are intrigued, however, some retort with, “I honestly cannot stand the dentist…no offense”.  But hey, can you blame them for this response? I don’t enjoy having others’ hands in my mouth either.

While many cringe at the thought of visiting the dentist, oral health brings me excitement. Dentistry combines scientific knowledge, hands on activity, and most importantly social interaction. I believe I speak for many in the dental field when I say dentistry is interesting because there is no greater feeling than proving to naysayers that a dental visit can be comfortable and sometimes, dare I say, enjoyable.

Having a father who is a dentist, I have directly seen how a career in dentistry can create strong lifelong connections. One doesn’t become a Dentist, Hygienist, or Dental Assistant if they don’t care for the company and well-being of others. If you were wondering, we in the dental office do care. We are not sadists luring you into a trap, but instead human beings compassionate enough to do what others may view as an extremely unpleasant job.

On my path to pursuing a dental degree, I currently work as a sterilization technician at Metropolitan Dental Care. Only recently moving to Denver from a distant land called Madison, WI, I hope to gain clinical experience from the knowledgeable staff at Metro Dental, as well as enjoy the many fruits Colorado has to offer. Although my tenure of employment at Metropolitan Dental has been short, I have already found this office is filled with people who love to work everyday, striving for the well-being of others. While dentistry can be a dirty job, pursuing an overall positive patient experience makes going to work each day at Metro Dental, worthwhile.