• Composite Fillings at Metro Dental Care

    Dentists will commonly use composite fillings for cracked or broken teeth, decayed teeth & worn teeth.

Composite Fillings

When your dentist identifies a cavity or other type of tooth decay, they will start by removing the decay from the tooth and then ultimately they will fill in the area that they removed with a filling of some sort. Dentists will usually use composite fillings for cracked or broken teeth, decayed teeth, worn teeth and other symptoms where the treatment makes sense.

A composite filling is made from a mixture of glass and quartz. The filler is usualy used to fill small to midsize restorations on the front or back teeth. Composite fillings are a popular alternative to the traditional amalgam (metal) fillings, because they do not contain mercury and they are desighned to be the same color as natural teeth. Composite fillings require for the tooth to be kept dry and clean while the filling is being placed, so they ussually take more time to be placed than an amalgam filling.

Are composite fillings permanent?

As with any type of dental restoration, there really is no such thing as a permanent solution. But this means one day you might have to replace these fillings. However, composite fillings are definitely durable and will last you for many years. The biggest advantage to composite fillings is that they are barely noticeable since they match the color of your teeth, giving you a beautiful smile!

If one of your teeth are bothing you, you may need a filing. Contact a dentist at one of our Denver or Lone Tree locations (303) 534-2626.


Composite Filling used on Chipped tooth. Before picture to left, after picture to right.