• Dental Bridges with Metro Dental Care

    AKA “fixed partial dentures,” dental bridges are used to fill gaps between existing teeth.

Dental Bridges

Also commonly known as “fixed partial dentures” are used to help fill gaps due to tooth loss between existing teeth. They can be made from materials such as, gold, alloy,or porcelain. Removable bridges can be taken out to be cleaned as where unremovable ones need to be removed by your dentist. An unremovable bridge and a removable bridge both rely on surrounding teeth for support, whereas an implant bridge is attached and supported by the jaw under the gum tissue.


Thinking about a dental bridge?

Previous to the advent of dental bridges and implants there really was not any other type of “fixed” solution available to patients that had lost some or even all of their teeth. The solution most commonly used was dentures which would be adhered to the gums using a temporary adhesive. Patients encountered many issues with the more temporary dentures and they almost seemed to create just as many issues as those that they corrected.

Today things are so much different. With the use of implants and a fixed bridge, the end result is a more permanent and natural looking solution.

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