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Achieve Health, Aesthetics, and Function with Full Mouth Restoration


Are you facing multiple dental issues? Have you been avoiding the dentist because you’re afraid your oral health has spiraled out of control? With full mouth restoration in Lone Tree, you can improve your smile and your health. At Metropolitan Dental Care, our doctors can combine two or more procedures for a comprehensive full mouth reconstruction. No matter how complex your dental problems, our team can help. Full Mouth Restoration vs Smile Makeover Oftentimes, the term “full mouth restoration” is used interchangeably with “smile makeover”. While some procedures may overlap between these two treatments, they have very different goals. A smile [...]

Achieve Health, Aesthetics, and Function with Full Mouth Restoration2018-03-08T13:13:38+00:00

Are You in Need of a Full Mouth Restoration?


When you examine yourself in the mirror, what do you see smiling back at you? Do you notice missing, uneven, broken, or severely damaged teeth? If any imperfections are preventing you from fully displaying your smile, it may be time to consider a full mouth restoration. By combining several restorative and cosmetic procedures into one treatment plan, you can address multiple issues at once. While some treatments can be completed in one office visit, others will be spread out over several months. These treatments will work together to create a healthier, more attractive smile that will give you the confidence you [...]

Are You in Need of a Full Mouth Restoration?2017-11-03T15:23:41+00:00