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Dental Bridge in Denver: How to Maintain Your New Restoration


Have you recently received a dental bridge in Denver, CO? A bridge an excellent option for replacing a row of missing teeth. It is important to know how to care for your new restoration so you can preserve your smile and protect your oral health for years to come. Today, your Denver dentist at Metropolitan Dental Care explores a few tips and tricks to help you keep your bridge looking and feeling great. About Dental Bridges A dental bridge may replace multiple teeth – but the restoration itself is a single unit, crafted from a solid block of ceramic, zirconia, or [...]

Dental Bridge in Denver: How to Maintain Your New Restoration2019-04-24T09:04:14-06:00

What is Bone Grafting and When is it Necessary?


“You need a bone graft.” It’s not the most comforting sentence in the world. If your dentist tells you this, there is no need to worry! Bone grafting is actually a common procedure in dentistry, and it isn’t as scary (or as invasive) as it sounds. Bone density can be insufficient in some cases. This may be due to trauma, infection, or genetics. At Metropolitan Dental Care, our restorative dentist and periodontist offer bone grafting procedures to rebuild the jawbone for a healthy foundation. There are actually several reasons why a bone graft may be necessary. Today, we will explore some [...]

What is Bone Grafting and When is it Necessary?2018-01-22T06:26:26-06:00