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Knowledge is Power! How to Have a No-Fear Dental Appointment


It's safe to say that very few people look forward to their dental appointments. Something about baring your open mouth for others to poke around with pointed metal objects is just counter-intuitive. You can't see what's happening in there; you have no idea what the dentist is going to find; and you probably have the expectation that something painful could happen! There is something very universal about aversion to dental appointments. We get it. But we also know, and you also know, that they are a necessary part of keeping your teeth healthy and free from decay. So how can you combat this instinctive response that's [...]

Knowledge is Power! How to Have a No-Fear Dental Appointment2017-09-08T13:52:43+00:00

How Periodontal Treatments Save Teeth


If you or a family member has been diagnosed with gum disease, periodontal treatments should be a part of your life. Gum disease is not curable and is the number one cause of tooth loss. Any time you see an older person struggling with dentures, the odds are good that he or she lost those teeth to gum disease. Does a gum disease diagnosis mean you are destined to lose your teeth eventually? Not necessarily, but only if you get your symptoms under control. Simply put, perio treatments save your teeth. What Gum Disease Does to Your Mouth Gum disease is the condition [...]

How Periodontal Treatments Save Teeth2017-08-24T09:09:11+00:00

Best Tips for Healthy Young Smiles, Tot to Teen


Whether you are a new parent or already have a large family—knowing the best ways to keep your children’s smiles healthy and bright can be confusing. We’ve put together some of our favorite oral hygiene tips to help you navigate each stage of childhood. Establishing good habits at a young age is crucial to a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums. Give your child every advantage in preventing tooth decay by making brushing and flossing a fun part of the daily routine. Infants and Toddlers Begin oral hygiene from the first tooth. Clean tiny teeth and gums with sterile gauze or [...]

Best Tips for Healthy Young Smiles, Tot to Teen2017-08-18T18:02:37+00:00

What a Toothache Really Means


If you’ve ever had a toothache, you know it can bring your life to a screeching halt. Whether it’s constant or intermittent, a toothache is impossible to ignore. There are a few different sensations that can be labeled as “toothache” and some of the possible causes are a lot more serious than others. You may feel sensitivity to hot and cold foods and beverages, shooting pains, throbbing, or a low-intensity soreness.   Most toothaches are caused by one of the following: A deep cavity A crack or fracture Gum recession (exposed tooth root), due to gum disease or improper brushing Damaged dental [...]

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A General Dentist for the Whole Family


From the very first tooth, we have your family’s smiles covered! At Metropolitan Dental Care, our team of dentists provides preventive, restorative, and cosmetic treatments to meet all your family’s oral health needs. Patient-Centered Care We want you to feel comfortable putting your family’s oral health in our hands, so we follow a philosophy of patient-centered care. We know that having comfortable, pleasant experiences in our office will give you the best chance of maintaining good oral health, so we make sure all our patients are respected and cared for as individuals. Every individual and family has unique life circumstances that have [...]

A General Dentist for the Whole Family2017-07-26T09:27:22+00:00