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Is Periodontal Disease Contagious?


At Metropolitan Dental Care, we offer several treatments for periodontal disease in Lone Tree. If you suffer from this condition, you may be wondering if you could unknowingly pass the disease to your loved ones. Today, your Lone Tree dentist will discuss whether or not periodontal disease is contagious as well as explain who is at risk and how you can prevent the problem from occurring in the first place. What is Periodontal Disease? Periodontal disease is an infection under the gum line. While some cases of gum disease are caused by poor oral hygiene, it is important to understand that [...]

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Preventing Periodontal Disease in Lone Tree


Gum disease is incredibly common. In fact, according to the American Dental Association, nearly half of all individuals in the United States have suffered from the condition at some point. While our team at Metropolitan Dental Care is well-equipped to treat gum disease effectively, we prefer to prevent it altogether when possible. Even if you are genetically prone to the condition, following a few guidelines can help keep harmful bacteria at bay and offer a better quality of life. Today, our team will discuss several tips and tricks for preventing periodontal disease in Lone Tree. Attend All Routine Dental Visits Professional [...]

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Is Gum Disease Reversible?


With all of the recent research emerging about the correlation between gum disease and heart disease, more and more people are aware of the long-term dangers. We know there are ways to treat periodontal disease, but is it truly reversible? Or is it something you will have to live with for the rest of your life? If you have gum disease in the Lone Tree or Denver areas, our doctors at Metropolitan Dental Care can teach you how to achieve and maintain healthy teeth and gums. Early Diagnosis is Key Is gum disease reversible? The short answer is: it depends. Gingivitis [...]

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Heart Disease and Oral Health


Only a decade ago, most people were not aware of the link between oral health and overall health. Today, it is becoming common knowledge. Did you know that over 80 percent of people in the United States suffer from some form of periodontal disease? Because this condition rarely causes pain, it often goes undiagnosed. This can wreak havoc on your overall wellbeing. If you are seeking dental care or treatments for gum disease in Lone Tree, we can help. At Metropolitan Dental Care, our Lone Tree dentists offer preventative care and periodontal treatments to keep your teeth and gums healthy for [...]

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3 Stages of Gum Disease


Do you have red, tender, or swollen gums? Do they often bleed when you brush or floss? You could be experiencing symptoms of periodontal disease. Today, we will discuss the three stages of gum disease, and explore ways to identify, treat, and prevent this condition. At Metropolitan Dental Care, our doctors provide a wide array of periodontal treatments to keep your teeth and gums looking great for years to come. If you are seeking treatments for gum disease near Lone Tree, contact us to schedule a consultation. To make an appointment, please call 303.534.2626 or contact us online. What Causes Gum [...]

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