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How to Prepare for Your Next Dental Appointment


Have you scheduled a dental checkup lately? You need one every six months, according to the American Dental Association and dental professionals. You also need a cleaning, so most people schedule the two together. Unless you have gum disease, dentists often allow cleaning and checkup to be scheduled back to back, for convenience. In most cases, the entire appointment takes about an hour, when no additional procedures are required. At Metropolitan Dental Care, you can expect topnotch care and friendly service. To schedule your dental appointment at either our Denver or Lone Tree location, please fill out our online appointment form [...]

How to Prepare for Your Next Dental Appointment2017-12-08T15:34:30+00:00

Save Yourself Time and Money with Routine Dental Visits


If your family is like most American families, you are overscheduled and overbooked. In your rush to keep every member of your family enjoying a rich and rewarding extra-curricular (or extra-professional) life, you probably feel like you don’t have time to stop and think, let alone plan all your family’s decisions with intention and mindfulness. At Metropolitan Dental Care, we invite you to take advantage of an easy and beneficial decision, which will save your family time, money, and hassle in the future: regular preventive visits with your Lone Tree family dentist! Are you looking for a family dentist in Lone [...]

Save Yourself Time and Money with Routine Dental Visits2017-10-06T07:27:23+00:00

Knowledge is Power! How to Have a No-Fear Dental Appointment


It's safe to say that very few people look forward to their dental appointments. Something about baring your open mouth for others to poke around with pointed metal objects is just counter-intuitive. You can't see what's happening in there; you have no idea what the dentist is going to find; and you probably have the expectation that something painful could happen! There is something very universal about aversion to dental appointments. We get it. But we also know, and you also know, that they are a necessary part of keeping your teeth healthy and free from decay. So how can you combat this instinctive response that's [...]

Knowledge is Power! How to Have a No-Fear Dental Appointment2017-09-08T13:52:43+00:00