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How can I fix my crooked teeth?


If you have crooked teeth, you may wonder “why?” If teeth are made to align correctly, why are so many people’s smiles misaligned and crooked? One theory says it's because of our modern diet. As early humans, we ate tougher, harder foods, and didn’t cut things up before chewing. Therefore, our jaws were much stronger and grew bigger during childhood. Today, our soft diet creates smaller jaws that are less likely to be able to adequately fit all our teeth in alignment. Crooked teeth are quite normal. But for our Denver patients who are looking to straighten their smile, we have [...]

How can I fix my crooked teeth?2019-04-07T11:16:48-06:00

You Should Ask Santa for a Brand-New Smile!


The holiday season is upon us. The temperature is dropping, the snow is falling, and the lights are twinkling … it just feels magical. As you glance at your list of gifts to buy, you start to wonder what you want to ask Santa for this year. It almost feels silly to think that way – but you need an answer for inquisitive loved ones who’ll want to know, so you can avoid a repeat of the “Ugly Sweater Debacle of 2006.” How about something different this year? An investment in your smile? It’s something you’ve wanted for a long time, [...]

You Should Ask Santa for a Brand-New Smile!2017-12-02T20:31:05-06:00

How to Treat a Chipped Tooth


Tooth enamel is one of the strongest materials in the body intended to protect the underlying layers of your teeth. It can also help you break down foods so you can digest more effectively. Although durable, it is not invincible and can be damaged just as your bones can break from an accident or serious injury. When a mouth injury occurs, it can result in a chipped tooth. In more severe cases, the tooth can completely break in multiple pieces. A chipped tooth can even occur as a result of using your teeth to open packages, biting your nails, or chewing [...]

How to Treat a Chipped Tooth2017-11-10T09:39:29-06:00

Why Porcelain Veneers Make a Great Smile Investment


Having a healthy and attractive smile that one is proud of is important to many individuals. As we age, teeth can begin to wear and expose imperfections, such as dental stains, chipped edges, gaps, and uneven symmetry. While teeth whitening, dental bonding, and Invisalign® are highly sought after cosmetic dentistry solutions, porcelain veneers can address multiple issues at once, making them a lasting smile investment. Our Denver and Lone Tree dentists at Metropolitan Dental Care are very experienced in helping patients completely transform their smile with porcelain veneers. Read on to learn how porcelain veneers can benefit you, or schedule your [...]

Why Porcelain Veneers Make a Great Smile Investment2017-10-04T08:33:51-06:00

3 Reasons You Need Teeth Whitening Treatment


If you’re not happy with the way your smile looks, then you may know first hand the embarrassing feeling you get when asked to take a picture. Even if you enjoy smiling and consider yourself a happy person, hating the way your smile looks can interfere with your confidence and relationships. At Metropolitan Dental Care in Denver and Lone Tree, CO Dr. Steve Law offers professional teeth whitening treatment to increase self-esteem and help patients feel more approachable and attractive. Professional teeth whitening treatment removes external dental stains to reveal a beautiful, bright smile. After receiving teeth whitening treatment, patients feel [...]

3 Reasons You Need Teeth Whitening Treatment2017-09-26T11:38:16-06:00